Welcome to the Multiple Source Learning Lab!

Students today live in a supersaturated, information rich world. We study how students comprehend, navigate, and evaluate information to solve problems, make decisions, and learn.

We are especially interested in how students make sense of multiple, disparate sources of information (e.g., blogs, websites, newspapers, videos, Wikipedia) when learning about complex topics in the social sciences.

Current Projects

Integration: A Critical Competency for the Digital Age

We examine how students integrate, or form connections across multiple, seemingly disparate, sources of information. This is a uniquely challenging task for learners. We study the cognitive process whereby students make connections, the types of connections that students make, and how students describe connections through writing.

Communicating the Complex: Synthesis and Argumentative Writing Based on Multiple Texts

We study how students communicate their understanding of complex information through writing. We focus on processes like evidence use, organization, integration, and citation. We also develop interventions that can improve students’ processes of reading and writing.

Making Sense of Multimedia: Learner Strategies and Technological Tools

We consider how students learn from multimodal information sources, including texts, graphs, images, and videos. We are particularly interested in the affordances and limitations offered by multimodal information sources vis-a-vis texts. Moreover, we examine how students may evaluate and integrate information from non-textual sources, with text-based information.


The Multiple Source Learning Lab is directed by Dr. Alexandra List

azl261@psu.edu | 814-863-5727